What is Sun and Moon?

β€œThe Jade Sun and its counterpart, the Obsidian Moon, are the two most powerful entities in Rokugan's cosmology. Both are revered and feared in equal measure by all those who dwell within Rokugan and its Colonies.”

β€” The Sun Returns

Sun and Moon is the best app for playing Legend of the Five Rings online. It lets you flip, bow, sift, and stack cards with natural gestures, while making it easy to connect to other players and test decks. It features:

  • A fluid 3D interface and animations.
  • A tutorial for new players to learn the basics.
  • A rich text-file based deck editor with filters.
  • In-game chat.
  • Zero-configuration matchmaking.
  • Customizable controls and graphics.
  • A phase and turn system to manage whose action is next.
  • Visual targeting arrows and highlighting of cards.
  • Multiplayer support for up to 6 players at once!
  • Customize proxies with your own images.
  • Automated arrangement of card types like attachments, holdings, strongholds, provinces, and your hand.
  • Powerful deck searching, rearrangement, shuffling, and drawing.
  • All other common actions: creating tokens, dishonoring cards, transferring ownership, etc.
  • Easy upgrades using the standard XML and image database used by other L5R clients.
  • On-demand image streaming: no need to download image packs.
  • Spectator mode for watching games in progress.
  • A draft game mode.

Compete, like the Sun and Moon, for Rokugan β€” on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Download for Windows

Download for OS X

Download for Linux

Sun and Moon was created by Drew Castalia for Benjamin Travis, who introduced me to the game when I was thirteen years old. He told me that he could rarely find others to play with; now he has the whole world. Thank you, Ben, for the inspiration!

This app is feature-complete, but open to further development. If there is sufficient demand (and I have sufficient ability), I would be interested in implementing the following:

  • More sound effects, music.
  • Voice chat.
  • Ladder rankings.
  • Win / loss and deck composition statistics.
  • Dynamic playing areas.
  • Personalization options.

Let me know if any of this appeals to you, or feel free to get started.